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Discover Weather Introduction

Discover Weather is a software system for metadata and data management, discovery, access, retrieval and automated distribution, compliant with WMO Information System (WIS) standards and capable to act as GISC, DCPC or NC node in the WIS network.

Discover Weather was developed in cooperation with Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Germany and is operated at RA VI GISC Germany Offenbach (one of the first three operational GISC nodes).

Discover Weather software solution is broadly composed of:

All Discover Weather components can technically run on one machine together with Moving Weather but for performance and security reasons it is recommended to separate it. Exact solution depends on security polices or other requirements of the customer. Communication from DW to MW requires one open port at MW side to allow HTTP or HTTPS communication between them.

Key concepts

Data discovery

In contrast with the GTS network, all data distributed in the WMO WIS network are well-described and searchable. When a user would like to get any data, he/she accesses the Discover Weather portal, type in search criteria and sends these criteria to Discover Weather system. As a return, the Discover Weather web shows user all available products that match the searching criteria.

Data retrieval

After products are found, user has several possibilities to retrieve them. When product instances are available directly in one of the data sources which have been integrated with Discover Weather, user can download the data instance directly over HTTP or request delivery via e-mail or any of file transfer protocols (FTP, SFTP, SCP).

Data subscriptions

Subscriptions for data distribution are great advantage of the WMO Information System. Registered user can subscribe products by few clicks in the web portal. Subscription is set-up in the data provider’s data distributor system and products are sent to the subscriber when they are available. This simplify the regular data delivery subscription process on both – subscriber as well as provider – site.